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Point to where your content lives - YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, & more. The Playku console makes it quick and easy to aggregate.


Choose which content or playlists you want to feature, place it on a personlized tile and your app is automatically updated.


Playku will publish your app on both Apple and Android platforms. Your app updates dynamically as content is added to the curation engine!

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Our Features

Playku Theme

Select tile layout, background colors and logos to personalize your app

Responsive Design

Playku supports iOS and Android mobile or tablet apps


Make your app free, freemium, subscription-based or ad-supported

Curation Modes

Select your app to play static files, dynamic files, live events or a mix of all

App Development

Playku offers custom development and white label app solutions

Supported Content

Playku supports YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and CRM content

Popular Apps


Your Overwatch

A bunch of guys who love Overwatch!


Blizzard Entertainment

Master Collection of all things Blizzard!


100 Thieves

An e-sports team playing League of Legends.

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If a Virtual Tree Falls in the Forest…

If a Virtual Tree Falls in the Forest… According to SuperData Research (a division of Nielsen: gaming content viewership on YouTube & Twitch is larger than HBO, Netflix & ESPN viewership combined, with over 666 Million enthusiasts and growing. In 2019, revenue from ads and consumer spending will reach over $3.2B. Goldman Sachs Research reports that by 2022 Media Rights will be the most significant source of revenue for esports, the same as with traditional sports, or as we at Playku like to call it, tsports.

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Building Your esports Brand

As the esports industry grows, and attention for audience share gets more competitive, it becomes much more important for teams and players to differentiate and provide a unique offering in order to build a strong and enduring brand. In a competitive market for viewers, it is critical to differentiate and provide a unique offering. The Playku App was designed with this purpose in mind, to give users a toolset to reach, stay connected and grow their fan base.

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Playku, a New & Powerful Branding Tool

Looking to start, or be much more efficient in publishing your content and reaching a wider audience? Interested in your fans spending more time engaged with your content and less time jumping between apps and platforms to find it? Take full control of your brand, your messaging and your content. Playku was designed to centralize the aggregation, curation and publishing of all your content, managed from a simple console UI and delivered to an app branded by you.

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